The OFF-Art Fair 2013 will be building on its success in 2012, this time hosting 50 galleries… Not just Belgian galleries from both the French and Flemish communities, but galleries from countries across the globe, including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Israel, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy, Spain, France and Germany, presenting works by artists from four continents. Art world professionals, collectors and art lovers will be able to discover a number of artists who have never exhibited in Belgium before.

Each gallery will present works by two to four artists, selected on the basis of rigorous artistic criteria. They will be located in the VILLAGE space. The PROJECTS concept will immerse the viewer in the world of a specific artist.

While the OFF-Art Fair 2013 will be bigger than last year, and galleries are being encouraged to present their best works, the organisers are keen to preserve what has made it such a success: it’s a fair that’s open to the public, where visitors, gallery staff and artists can come together in one place and connect with one another.


When you enter the Tour & Taxis site, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the Royal Depot, with its brick and blue stone walls, rising up majestically in front of the canal. Built at the beginning of the 20th century and renovated in 2001, this former trading hall, – where you can find shops, restaurants and offices, has now become the venue for cultural events. The Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair (BRAFA), the Book Fair, the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films and the European Business Summit are all held at Tour & Taxis.

Tour & Taxis is far more than the impressive Royal Depot. The largest Passenger Terminal in Europe can also be found, just behind the Sheds, on this immense site situated in the very heart of Brussels.