The Human Printer is an amazing design collaboration amongst University of Derby students who can reproduce the CMYK halftone printing effect… by hand. By layering of dotted color in a pattern to create full-color imagery, the students mimicked the work of an actual digital printer, but with a human element of collaboration and unique artistry (making each image a one-of-a-kind piece.)

The painstaking, imperfect process requires incredible forethought and study, and its the perfect counterpoint to our modern day digital printer, which can produce perfection sheet after sheet on demand. The website also cleverly lists its “printers” (ie students) by class and name with a brief description of their “production method.”

Unlike any other printer the Human Printer creates unique, individual images each time it prints. Following the same process as a digital printer, the Human Printer generates the printed product by hand, a collaboration with the design school of University of Derby. The Human Printer was setup in 2009 by Louise Naunton Morgan. Having setup a design studio with Stina Gromark, the project is now run by Stinsensqueeze (STSQ).

Following the same process as a digital printer, the human printer generates the printed product by hand. Throughout the printing process the human printer assumes the role of the machine and is therefore controlled and restricted by the process of using CMYK halftones created on the computer.

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