If you thought the goofy family photo in your holiday cards was original, then you’d better think again. Nick and Martha Desbiens recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fahz, a unique take on the usual 3D-printed decor. Fahz is a 3D-printed vase that features customized silhouettes in the negative space along the sides, a la the famous optical illusion.

“The vase begins with facial profile photos that are converted into vector geometry,” the Desbiens’ Kickstarter page explains. It continues: “The outlines from the photos become the scaffolding for a 3D model that merges the distinct profiles into a seamless sculptural form.” In other words, if you send the Desbiens a photo of the side of someone’s face, they can incorporate that into a new item for your mantelpiece.

fahz-2 rotation-565x317 05ce0fff45ab71dc7a35e98ec71ea2ca_large-565x317 fahz-1 rotationAn architect and computational designer, Nick originally conceived of the idea as a Mother’s Day gift for Martha. After friends and family began showing interest, however, the two of them expanded the project. (via This Is Colossal)