ROA is an artist from Ghent, Belgium. His artwork can be seen on the streets and in galleries across Europe and the United States and he is best known for his black and white animal street art. Back in 2009, ROA created an incredible lenticular street artwork that showed both the insides and outsides of a rabbit. As the viewer walked from one side to the other, the artwork shifted as well, showing either its furry coat or circulatory system.

The artwork was located on Curtain Road between Great Eastern Street and Old Street in London, England. You can find all angles below. I also put together an animated gif of the piece at the end of the post.

To see more from ROA check out his tumblr and Flickr page. I’ve also embedded a video from Warholian that divulges some of this thoughts about his artwork and shows newer stuff from a recent gallery show.

(via twisted sifter)