[Alexandra Croitoru, Aurel Cornea, Ciprian Muresan, Delia Popa, Dina Dancu, Dorel Naste, Duo van der Mixt, Ioana Nemes, Maria Draghici, Mihaela Kavdanska, Mona Vatamananu & Florin Tudor, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Nita Mocanu, Ramona Poenaru, Stefan Cosma, Vali Chincisan, Vlad Nanca]

‘It is hard to get a grip on what is going on in Romania in 2004. Traffic has intensified. Connections got better. Still, what went on?

It is really hard to walk the galleries, the showrooms, and the mean streets. It is hard to meet all those interesting young artists or to jump between events, exhibition openings, happenings and far-off performances. Catalogues are really too heavy to carry around. Business cards tend to evaporate. Email contacts die.
You would have to move by train, bus, airplane between different cities and obscure addresses spanning beyond your immediate home.
In the daily onslaught of propaganda, advertisements and ephemeral media it is really hard to remember or to keep apart all that artistic (dis)information.

Offset is making it much easier for you.
Offset is the perfect voice-off for the bewildered contemporary art armchair fanatic. Click your way into already familar-sounding Romanian names and keywords..’ ST

Project by: Vali Chincisan & Dorel Naste
Supported by: HAG Art Foundation

Thanks to: 2020, META Cultural Foundation, Galeria Noua

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