Artista germană Kordula Klose crează sculptură în metal și sticlă. În atelierul său organizează workshop-uri de sculptură și de design. Din 2004 artista coordonează si o mică cafenea, în clădirea fostei gări – Bahnhof in Fürstenwald (în regiunea Kassel, Germania). Aici organizeaza expoziții de artă, lecturi și lansări de carte, proiecții de film și alte evenimente culturale.  Kordula Klose a participat în 2008 la Simpozionul Internațional de Artă din Sîngeorz-Băi, România.

Kordula Klose – Text about my sculptures
As a sculptress I work with steel plates and other semi-finished products. 
Geometrical figures are the foundation of my artistic works out of which I develop my constructive sculptures.
The rhythm of my sculptures is determined through the symmetry of its elements.
Besides my sculptural works I took part in a series of projects from ‘Kunst am Bau’ (Art at building site) where I experienced applied arts.
Through the impulses I gained from those projects I started to work more and more with designs and functional things.
Therefore, from 1995 on, I started creating furniture, bowls, candlesticks and design objects which all are created in the same manner and with the same material as my other sculptures.
Those works are committed to my own sculptural language and still allow me to playfully widen the self-set frame for my work.

kordula klose 01

Kordula Klose – Biography

1975 – 1981 Study of metal sculpting at the Kunstakademie (art academy) Kassel with Prof. E. Fiebig

1980 Start of freelanced works as a sculptress

1990 – 1998 Development and organization of art projects with the team of the ‘Produzentengalerie’

1988 -2008 Exhibitions in Germany and abroad

1988 – 2008 Works for the public space and contests within the scope of „Kunst am Bau“, e.g. cemetery chapel in Waldau, metal sculpture in Frankenberg; pavilion for the city park in Vellmar.

Workshops for schools and adult education.
Development and execution of an culture project, the „Turmumspielungen“ (1999- 2002),

2004 Opening of an art café with exhibitions, live music and readings in the former train station in Fürstenwald

2005 Art project in Marsberg ;
Exhibition involvement „einzigartig“, Schlosshotel Kassel, „Spiegelungen“ involvement in the art project „Losse –Kunst am Fluss“

2006 Exhibition „Sommerfrische“ Schloss Wilhelmsthal

2008 Exhibition of the BBK city museum Kassel, Witzenhausen art-festival,
Artist symposium in Singeorz-Bai , Romania.

fotografii din arhiva personala Kordula Klose

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