It seems impossible, but Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli is an artist who successfully captured the essence of an ocean wave and brought that magnificence indoors for everyone to enjoy. For more than 40 years, the Rome-based artist has produced all kinds of sculpted environmental wonders with materials like wood and glass.

The silhouetted shapes mimic the movement of the ocean, in which the water is captured mid-crest and then frozen in time. In his signature style, Ceroli connects the thin layers of uniquely texturized materials with the surrounding space in an attempt to redefine the relationship the viewer has with the environment.

This specific piece, entitled La Vague, is formed out of shimmering blue-green glass. Set within the gallery space, the piece mimics a truly natural environment in which sunlight bounces off of the surface, casting streams of stunning color variations across the waves.

Mario Ceroli’s website
via [Colossal]