Thursday, March 22nd at 7 – 9pm

Viale Stelvio 66 20159 Milano I T
 +39 02 688 3470
Conduits/Gea Politi is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of the Romanian artist Robert Fekete (b.1987, Satu Mare, Romania).
Robert Fekete belongs to the new generation of young artists in the remarkable artistic hub of Cluj Napoca/Romania.
Due to time spent in Rome, he continues the investigation of classic and modern painting, the possibility of finding new insights in composition and the combination of this gathered information.
In his most recent work Robert Fekete is concerned with what he calls a “fake romanticism.” His interest developed from Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog (1818). Friedrich had a habit of placing his protagonists in the midst of breathtaking landscapes. One could posit that he did this to suggest that through being confronted by beauty and the overwhelming power of nature, the lives or mind of the subject would somehow be improved. In contrast, Fekete developed the practice of placing his subjects in front of fake landscape. They look into and across wall-papers. They are masters of their terrain but this land is not real. It is emulation.
Robert Fekete’s painting is about the relationship between man and the space in which he resides. His characters are not comfortable in the interior they are in, they seem to be missing something, whether it be the nature (The Distance, 2011) or desire (The Patience, 2011); they seem alienated. The character clad in winter clothes in The Distance gazes at a piece of large wallpaper as if trying to enter a picture. The looming shadow cast on the photograph marks the physical limit of this possibility, but at the same time contributes to a subtle game of reality, photography and painting.
In his new body of work created for the exhibition, Fekete’s starting point is the “Anxiety” series by Edvard Munch, where he finds a permanent dialogue between the characters in the foreground with the characters from the background. His focus is an investigation of the distance between people and nature; between people and certain situations; the distance between desire and possibility.
Robert Fekete (b.1987, Satu Mare) lives and works in Rome and Cluj Napoca. He is currently part of the ‘Vasile Parvan’ residency at the Accademia di Romania di Roma. Italy
He has exhibited at the Prague Biennale 5, 2011, Rumänische KünstlerInnen, 2010. Bad Industry, Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, 2011.
In January 2014 he will have a solo exhibition at the MAC Birmingham, England.