Din 2 februarie s-a deschis expozitia expozitia “Lia Perjovschi Knowledge Museum Kit, Dan Perjovschi Daily, Weekly, Monthly” la Galeria IFA din Berlin (Linienstrasse 139/140 Berlin Mitte). Expozitia va ramane deschisa pana pe 15 April va fi itinerata la Stuttgart (Galeria Ifa) intre 20 iulie si 23 septembrie.

This series of exhibitions by the ifa Galleries Berlin and Stuttgart of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations is entitled “Solo for …”. These are solo exhibitions for artists who first exhibited in the ifa Galleries years ago, at the beginning of their international careers. Today, Gülsün Karamustafa and Ay?e Erkmen from Turkey, Dan and Lia Perjovschi from Rumania, Moshekwa Langa from South Africa or Liina Siib from Estonia – to name but a few – are active internationally: They live, work and teach – in most cases on a temporary basis – in New York and Amsterdam, in Vienna and Frankfurt a. M.. Their work can be seen at the documenta, at the Biennale in Venice, in São Paulo, Istanbul and Gwangju. Institutions like the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin or the Tate Modern in London invite them to stage large projects, extensive individual exhibitions and retrospectives.

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