18/02/2006 – 13/10/2013
Artist: Dan Perjovschi

Perjovschi usually draws pictures and writes texts for walls, newspapers and books. He makes these drawings in an almost spontaneous manner at the time when he is asked, allowing the flow of current events to effect the final result. As an artist, he is always on the lookout, observing everyday reality for moments or actions that can be made remarkable.

Dan Perjovschi’s work manages to comment on the widest possible terrain of political, economic and artistic subjects. Born and living in Romania, his view of the world is both particular to that place and riddled with all the contradictions, wisdom and absurdity that global information systems offer. His work is humorous, sharp and often cutting in its exposure of human behaviour and fragility, vain ambition and the contractions of the globalised (art) world.

The architectural space that he is given for exhibitions always determines certain outcomes of his installations. He makes use of the unseen corners and awkward spaces in any room, meaning that a visit to a Perjovschi exhibition is also an alternative tour of the building.