Artiștii români Mihaela Mihalache și Dan Beudean în expoziția de grup “30 ans + 30 jours…is the New Punk”, Analix Forever, Geneva, Elveția 

Expoziția deschisă în perioada 3 – 23.05.2021

Analix Forever Gallery in Geneva is celebrating the beginning of its 30th anniversary (to go on until October 21) by inviting the Noisebringers, an improvisation collective that has been active for over a year but for the first time in a gallery. The Noisebringers are bringing noise in all possible and unimaginable areas, music, objects, art, games, performances, books, poetry, and more. The three members of the collective, Brice Catherin, Maria Sappho and Henry McPherson are top artist-musicians who one day decided that love is even more important than music: love for life, friendship, creation, fables, mythology, speculative storytelling, transformation. They love, laugh, create, think inside out, together. The Noisebringers also invite twenty-two artists-creators-improvisers-poets-musicians-performers-teachers. Biographies upon request.

In parallel, Analix Forever shows the art of 77 + 7 + 1 artists who worked with the gallery for 30 years, 30 days or not yet. An incredibly multifaceted art show, from here to there, small to big, young teens to top stars!

ARTISTES — Analix Forever