STURM UND DRANG GALERIE invites you to Catalina Codreanu’s LUDO exhibition, open until the 31st of January 2018 in Altstadt 18, Linz, Austria.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday until Saturday, 12:00-18:00

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Born in Romania in 1988, Catalina studied Painting and the National University of Arts Bucharest and Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. She has international activity since graduation, such as solo and group exhibitions, publications in online and print magazines, talks and conferences, radio and television interviews, art residencies, art camps, collaboration with the Salzburg Theater and other projects connected to the art world. Her works were shown in the national events White Night of the Galleries and Bucharest Art Gallery Weekend. She is one of the 125 artists from all over the world who animated the world’s first fully painted feature film “Loving Vincent”.

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Catalina Codreanu is working on the motherhood theme since her son did not even exist (as shown in Future children). After her son stopped nursing and Mater series was concluded, this emotional ombilical cord was transformed into a beautiful mother-son interraction, consisting a larger spectre of emotions that the artist transferred onto canvas in her new painting series where she explores the concept of play. Amidst the strongest, motherly love and happiness are the ones with the greatest impact, getting to the viewer through the rich chromatic palette and choice of subjects.

Painted in a ludic registre, where flat forms intertwine strong colors, Ludo aims to take us back to when we were children. The artist invites the viewer to arrive in an atemporal space where one can activate childhood memories and identify with their inner child. The dynamic compositions express through a simple language the artist’s immersion in her son’s world, depicting key scenes from their life spent together.


“While working, my son’s immense importance becomes a tool meant to look deeper into my mind, as it activates childhood memories that have so long waited to be remembered. 

The Ludo” series, which is inspired by my son’s actual stage, a playing toddler, aims to offer a view on childhood, memory and how the connection between the two makes us who we are, by exploring the concept of play.

The tendency to overscale the majority of my compositions came as a consequence of the greatness that I find in this unique connection between him and I. The flat forms and strong colors endorse the ludic theme and represent the way I play, inspired by my son, with painting.” – Catalina Codreanu