Art Exhibition

Rendez-vous 2018

Gallery 8, Magdalen Road Studios


A project initiated by Betsy Tyler Bell

Curators: Diana Bell, Sarah Wenden, Belinda Ellis

Participant Artists:

Aquarium Compagnie International:

Emil Dobriban (RO), Isabelle Faccini (FR), Annegret Heinl (DE), Catherine Herberz (FR), Brigitte Kohl (FR), Andor Kőmives (RO), Myriam Librach (FR), Claudine Remy (FR), Van Breest Smallenburg (NL), Gisela Weimann (DE).

Art in Situ Oxford:

Diana Bell, Mohamed Bushara, Marie Darkins, Belinda Ellis, Helen Ganly. Patrick Jeffs, Betsy Tyler Bell, Sarah Wenden.

This unique gathering of European artists celebrates eighteen years of a thriving artists’ network that began in 2000 with the founding of Art in Situ by an Oxford artist who brought together twelve Oxford artists and twelve French artists to the Drôme valley for three weeks to create a workshop environment in a beautiful part on southern France. There they would respond to the place and to each other in an exchange of ideas, discussion and debate and create art-work in situ.

The success of this first project led to an annual event involving artists from an increasing number of European countries funded by national and international organisations.

In 2012 after ten years of successful residential projects the association was dissolved when the founder, Betsy Tyler Bell, left the Drôme and returned to Oxford.

Aquarium Compagnie International, was founded in 2011 by two French artists, including Brigitte Kohl who becomes president in 2014, who had participated in Art in Situ projects, so it seemed natural to adopt the existing artists’ network and the aims and philosophy that had worked so well with Art in Situ. Without funding, but with determination and by using on-line and website administration, Aquarium have built up an active, thriving artists association introducing innovative and challenging projects involving both digital art and actual creative work for exhibitions and catalogues that involve a growing number of artists from all over the world.

For this project Brigitte Kohl / Aquarium Company was partner for the choice of new and ex-art in situ artists and worked on logistics.

The excellent website details each project undertaken since 2011

Photo: Emil Dobriban, Andor Kőmives