Let’s Die Friends: A Stack of Sudden Moments
Polaroids by Barna Nemethi

Thursday, 9th June, 7-10pm
10 Gen. Eremai Grigorescu Street

Let’s Die Friends: A Stack of Sudden Moments exhibits a wide selection of Polaroids by Romanian photographer Barna Nemethi. This collection grew over a long period of time of documenting his encounters with artists that range from short bursts to longer periods. But what are friends if not the people you spend these moments with and have those memories on polaroids? The exhibition is curated by Alina Bucur jointly run by POINT Art Hub Bucharest.

Among the people Barna took photos of we will name only a few: Bill Cunningham, Reptile Youth, Tasya van Ree, Brandon Boyd, Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Laura Prepon, Luminita Gheorghiu, Razvan Mazilu, Ion Bârlădeanu, Mircea Cărtărescu, Andreea Badala and many many more.

Thirty-year old Barna Nemethi is one of the leading artists of his generation. He possesses many of the particular qualities that make today’s young artists so exciting, but he’s also a hardcore classicist. His pictures would have been appreciated at any time in the history of photography, yet they are filled with the beauty and energy of the present.

Barna Nemethi is challenging conventions, and creates a provocative, hybrid photography that embraces fashion, portrait, erotica, and art elements, producing a highly stylised interpretation of elegant and decadent ways of life. Nemethi is also directing his attention towards making powerful, confrontational nudes. He conceived witty, erotic picture stories not only for his first solo exhibition “Go Tell The Women” during the 9th edition of NAG, in 2015 at GO Art Project Space, but also for different magazines, websites and art publications around the world.

Exhibition from the 9th – 22th June
11am till 2am, Friday – Sundayî

Barna Nemethi