Al Marhoon Art is  new Gallery in Algeria open 2016 is a modern and contemporary art gallery , we work nurture and to promote Algerian Artists.
Bounoua’s work displays a particularly unique approach to the use of the Arabic letter in contemporary art as he uses plexiglas in the execution of works. Inspired by the North African glass-painting technique Mareedeen, originally practised in Tunisia and Morocco as window painting, Bounoua paints and etches onto the reverse-side of perspex, creating a glossy veneer for the surfaces of his pieces. He applies each layer of paint separately and once it is set no further changes can be made—a particularly bold technique for an artist who refuses to use preparatory studies and prefers a more spontaneous approach to painting.

Although the script he uses is not exclusively derived from the Arabic language – he also uses Latin text, cuneiform, Arabic numerals, and illegible markings – his art is often regarded as an extension of the Hurufiyah trend, an art form that utilizes an abstract interpretation of the Arabic letter-a concept first employed by modern Iraqi artists such as Madiha Omar and Shakir Hassan Al Said in the 1950s. The primary principle behind Hurufiyah artworks is to utilize Arabic letters for their aesthetic value as opposed to their literal meaning, a notion which forms a key part of Bounoua’s work.

Through his art, Bounoua aims to create a universal visual language, drawing inspiration from a medley of cultural traditions, including the art of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Berber calligraphy, African tribal masks, totemic figures, graffiti, and East Asian and Arabic penmanship. The textual motifs rendered in his work do not adhere to formal rules, vigorous markings and large letters are contrasted with tiny signs carefully arranged in horizontal and vertical lines. His large paintings are often separated into a series of four slim vertical segments, and his colour palette includes opaque shades of red, yellow, blue and lilac, ochre and earthy tones, as well as monochrome compositions with hints of vivid colour.


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