Born October 8, 1948 in Vienna

1969 to 1973 Helnwein studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
It is the same University where in 1907 and 1908, a young struggling artist by the name of Adolf Hitler was twice denied admission for art studies. That was probably the biggest mistake any university has ever made. (Thank God, that Helnwein was not rejected)

“Opening my first Donald Duck comic book felt like seeing the daylight again for someone who had been trapped underground by a mine-disaster for many days. I squinted cautiously because my eyes hadn’t gotten used to the dazzlingly bright sun of Duckburg yet, and I greedily sucked the fresh breeze into my dusty lungs that came drifting over from Uncle Scrooge’s money bin. I was back home again, in a decent world where one could get flattened by steam-rollers and perforated by bullets without serious harm. A world in which people still looked proper, with yellow beaks or black knobs instead of noses. And it was here that I met the man who would forever change my life – Donald Duck.”