Pál Gerber
Galeria Uj Kriterion 
Miercurea Ciuc
str. Petofi nr. 4
2016 4. februarie orele 18

I am drinking my coffee. I am drinking my cocoa. When I finish, I am stunned. I look at the teacup plate and I am stunned because I expected some holes to be there. I thought it was a sieve I was drinking from. I have been executing vamps,Ive been worshipping God and fighting bacteria for 15 years now.

It’s been 32 years since I left the building of the Institution of Plastic Arts. What is my personal impression and the moral of this 32 years? On the one part, the world has changed radically, on the other part, we are exactly where we were back then.

It is sad and repulsive to see so many Creations craving for success. ‘To climb the Parnassus’ or to provoke unceasingly are, actually, the same side of the coin. Both are motivated by the same conditioning, they are antonyms only on surface. The bridge is full of jokes and seriousness.

The curtain is breaking. This is an irritating and a well-known story. This result and success-craving life doesn’t agree and even if we aren’t keen on something like this, we do not like that the curtain is breaking. It is a simple happening, it could be a symbol. We don’t know if it really is.

I measure, I mark, I cut with the window, I install. I take an OSB board, I cut laths, FATHER. I take an OSB board, I cut laths, MOTHER.I take an OSB board, I cut laths, FATHER and MOTHER. Father and mother become objects. It is a construction determined not by me but by the structure of letters. I just choose its format – 144×70 cm -, the other things are forming by themselves, I am just following them. Object. The result is only a neutral statement or respect. Respect for Father and Mother. I am placing father and mother here.

I think it can be felt that this acceptance doesn’t challenge the significance of the form, furthermore it takes it into consideration, it uses it but still, it can’t be confused with the acceptance that has unmatchable respect for the form but which is empty basically and that we can call formalism. Maybe what you can see is a testimony that if we have to send form to its place, we just do it.

What hope do I still cherish? I hope that the visitor will calm down because they fulfill their revelation and their belief that Earth is round. Earth is round, i.e. ‘everything is in their right place’ and ‘nothing is large or small, everything is proportional with their surroundings.’

Translated by Előd Márton

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