An exhibition in cooperation with literature magazine LICHTUNGEN and AKTUELLE KUNST IN GRAZ

Opening on Thursday, 23rd of April 2015, 18:00
Akademie Graz, Schmiedgasse 40/I, A-8010 Graz
Duration: 24th of April to 22nd of May 2015
Mo – Thur 8 – 16.00, Fr – 12.00

Gallery Days in Graz: 15th to 17th May 2015
Fr, 15th of May 2015: 18 – 23.00
Sat, 16th of May 2015: 11 – 19.00
Sun, 17th of May 2015: 11 – 17.00

Marianne Lang deals with the intersection of spaces: fictitious spaces, real spaces, imaginary spaces, remembered spaces. She prefers graphic media, but her drawings also pervade the space she works in, setting up her installations. Humans and nature are contrahents when it comes to occupy space. Marianne Lang analyzes and relates these different types of conquering spaces. In her installations e.g., situated in demolished buildings, she opens fictitious views to human homes or areas of nature by drawing on the tiles.
In her actual series “Hide Out” or “Double Sight” she analyzes not only the intersection between home in- or outside, but also the interpretations coming along with perception. Those hide-outs, captured by the camera in a sunny glade, look quite familiar – but would you really try to climb up? In fact, they are just a deception, like mimicry in nature. They are completely made by cardboard, the sketch material for sculptural art.
In “Double Sight”, two views are combined, inside and outside, but it is not, as it would seem, a reflection in the window, or a simple combination of the room inside and the look outside the window of the same room: inside is the artists’s studio in Vienna, outside is the view in her hometown in Styria’s countryside. The drawings of the two spaces are deeply interwoven and can’t be separated anymore, although we have separated point of views and separated chronologies – actual time and remembered past, recalled impressions and actual perception, all sensitively cross-faded to one single image.
Perceiving is always interpreting. And interpretations are variable, depending on the point of view. And moreover, perceiving images creates its own reality. The picture itself has no physical existence. It just presents things that are solely visible. So we have a kind of reality, where we can perceive us perceiving, because we are not physically part of it. As the philosopher Lambert Wiesing says: Who submerges in an image, does not show up in this image. OIn the contrary, you see, submerge and are away…
Marianne Lang studied painting and new media at Mozarteum University in Salzburg (AT). Selected Awards: Scholarship for visual arts of the Austrian Republic 2010; Euregio Art Award 2008. Solo exhibitions in Albertina in Vienna (2013), Kunstverein Salzburg, KHG Graz (2011), Stadtmuseum Graz/Akademie Graz (2010).

Marianne Lang, Hide Out, photography, Intervention 1: 1, cardboard, 2013.

hide out

Marianne Lang, Double Sight, series of drawings, 2014

4 60x50doublesight1