Olafur Eliasson: Riverbed
Louisiana Museum of Modern art, Denmark
august 20th 2014 through january 4, 2015

For the first time, danish-icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson presents a solo show at Denmark’s prestigious Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, placing three spatial installations within the architectural context of the site. Like many of the exhibitions presented throughout his creative career, Eliasson’s ‘riverbed’ is site-specific, engaging with the cultural institution’s unique identity, thematically linking the artworks and gallery as a place — physically, structurally and historically. Radical interventions delve into the reality of the space as an institution, and at the same time focus on local sensory experiences as part of a global perspective.

Olafur Eliasson says: ‘What I’m interested in with my work at the Louisiana isn’t really that you experience an object or an artwork. I am interested in how you connect this landscape to the rest of the world and ultimately, how you experience yourself within it. when we’re in our familiar surroundings, in our circle of family and friends, our senses are very finely tuned, but the further away we get from the local context, the cruder the sensing becomes. I wonder if our focus on the atmospheric can give us a relationship with something that is very abstract and far away.’

olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-02 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-03 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-04 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-05 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-06 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-07 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-08 olafur-eliasson-riverbed-louisiana-museum-designboom-09photo by Anders Sune Berg, courtesy of the Louisiana Museum of Modern art, Denmark

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