With construction nearing completion, the ‘pathé foundation’ infills the interior of a city block in paris, and takes a curving form elevated from the ground. Designed by renzo piano building workshop, the screened-glass volume has an unexpected urban presence. From the street it is masked by the surrounding structures, but rises above to reveal itself. The form responds to specific limits and requirements of the property, while seeking to maintain distance from its neighboring buildings to allow them increased access to daylight and ventilation. additionally, a birch tree garden is located at the back of the site.

Fitting into a restricted property at the center of a city block, the facility is dedicated to the preservation of the Pathé Film legacy and the overall promotion of cinematography. the program includes exhibition spaces for temporary and permanent collections, a 70-person film screening room, offices for the the foundation, as well as storage of the artist’s archives.

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all images courtesy of renzo piano building workshop