ARTISTS of the 24th International Symposium ”Stone in The Galilee”.

The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv has the pleasure to announce the presence of sculptor Eugen Petri at the international symposium ”Stone in the Galilee”, 24th edition, 30 March – 19 April 2014, organized by the Municipality of Maalot-Tarshiha.

Eevery year, the symposium brings together 10-20 international artists who create sculptures from big blocks of local stone. This edition features artists Ivan Tsiskadze (Georgia), José Carlos Cabello (Spain), Filip Sicko (Slovakia), Eugen Petri (Romania), Cenrique Valdez (Argentina), Valeri Jikia (Georgia), Stefano Grattarola (Italy), Nicolae Fleissig (France), Lyudmyla Mysko (Ukraine), Jon Pet Myers (USA), Chatem Awida (Israel), Aviva Berger (Israel), Viktar Kopach (Belarus), Vasyl Tatarskyy (Ukraine).
Eugen Petri is a member of the Romanian Professional Artists’ Union and the curator of the Caransebes International Sculpture Symposium. He gained international recognition after he participated in international sculpture events and exhibitions and received several awards for his works.

Photos José Carlos Cabello Millán

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