Xoo-ang Choi_The Wing_2008_Oil on Resin_56x172x48cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary Art,Korea

The exhibition, curated by Chu-young Lee, brings together on a truly fantastic journey the most significant contemporary Korean artists, who reinterpret and transform the evocative, period room of Spazio Lightbox into a dream scenery. The works on display covers different media and include installations, sculptures, videos, paintings and photos realized by 16 artists.

O-sang Gwon_A Statement of 420 pieces on Twins_1999_C-prints_190x70x50cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea.

Hein-kuhn Oh_Su-ra KANG, Age 18, July 19, 2008_2008_Digital C-Print_ 129x98cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea.

Hong-chun Park_ To Alice 1_ 1994_Fujichrome print_118x118cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

Myoung-ho Lee_ Tree 2_ 2007_ Ink on Paper_128x108cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

Myoung-ho Lee_ Tree 1_ 2007_ Ink on Paper_128x108cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

Hae-gue Yang_Female Natives-Saturaiton out of Season_2010_Light bulbs,cable,artificial plants210x103x81cm_®œMarkus Tretter

Du jin Kim_The Youth of Bacchus_2010~2011_Digital painting_148.5x348cm_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Jung-wook Kim_ Untitled_2008_ Ink on Korean paper_ 162x112cm_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Jung-wook Kim_Untitled_2008_Ink on Korean paper_162x112cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary,Korea

Hyung -koo Lee_Lepus Animatus_2005-2006_Resin, aluminum sticks, stainless steel wires, springs and oil paint_111°ø60°ø70cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

Dong-wook Lee_ I Wished_ 2004_ Mixed media_ 5x15x5cm_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

Choe U-ram, merry-go-round_ 2009_ Sound system, metallic material, machinery, custom CPU board, LED_ 190(h)x110(w), 110(d)cm_®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

U-ram Choe_Pendulum of Secret-Occultus Libramentum_2009_Steel, magnet, glass, coil Tube, CPU Board_110x23x23x(50)cm_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Hong-chun Park_ To Alice 2_ 1994_Fujichrome print_118x118cm®œNational Museum of Contemporary, Korea

Yeon-doo Jung_ Bewitched #12 Amsterdam(1) _2003_ Slide Projection_ Variable size_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Yeon-doo Jung_ Bewitched #12 Amsterdam(2) _2003_ Slide Projection_ Variable size_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Young-geun Park_ The Time_2004_ Oil on canvas, dental drill_ 182x226x(2)cm_®œMuseum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s story Alice in Wonderland, Who is Alice? resembles a dreamlike experience, where the artists create with great spontaneity small unreal and absolutely fabulous worlds. In a city where fantasy and reality at times belong to the same time world, the artworks on display blur the everyday space and time boundaries and invite the viewer to an extraordinary experience, that winds along the ten Lightbox rooms with extraordinary tales.

At the entry of the exhibition space U-ram Choe‘s Pendulum of Secret welcomes the viewer at the beginning of his journey. The mysterious black eyes of the woman portrayed in Jeong-wook Kim‘s Untitled work stir up shadows of fear and desire lodged deep inside the viewer, while the luminescent bodies of Hae-gue Yang‘s Female Natives and the photographs of Yeon-doo Jung‘s Bewitched make his childhood dreams magically come true. In the next rooms Hein-kuhn Oh’s Cosmetic Girl mirrors the curious and restless face of a girl, maybe Alice, while 38 hands intertwine in the ether to give life to Xoo-ang Choi‘s The Wing. In front of the sinister and deserted Hong-chun‘s To Alice playground and of U-ram Choe‘s whirling Merry go Round, the viewer relives a summer nightmare, that materializes in the gloomy skeletons’ party of Du jin Kim‘s The Youth of Bacchus.

Curator: Chu-Young Lee

Organized by: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

  • Artists:
    U Ram Choe Young Geun Park Hong chun Park Hein Kuhn Oh Osang Gwon Yeon Doo Jung Myung Keun Koh Dong Wook Lee Xooang Choi Jung Wook Kim Du Jin Kim Hyungkoo Lee Beom Kim Haegue Yang Myoung Ho Lee
  • Open: Saturday, 01 June 2013
  • Close: Sunday, 24 November 2013
  • Address: Spazio Lightbox, Cannaregio, calle Fontana 3831
  • Web: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  • Opening hour: 10am – 6pm
  • Closing day: Mondays (except for June 3 and November 18)
  • Admission: Free
  • Transport: Line 1, Ca d’Oro