About Seppukoo

This is the end. My only friend, the end.

You are more than your virtual identity
«Virtual life» is an – often – abused term used to describe the whole of one person online activities. But as media communications let our second/online/offline identities overflowing into real life – and vice-versa – the distinctions between the real and the virtual are becoming, more and more confused. Which is virtual? And where’s the real? Beyond all those questions only a fact remains: that our privacy, our profiles, our identities, our relationships, they are all – fake and/or real – entirely exploited for a sole purpose: to be sold as a product. But are those lives really worth to be experienced?

Pass away. Leave your ID behind.
Rather than fall into the hands of their enemies, ancient japanese samurai preferred to die with honor, voluntarily plunging a sword into the abdomen and moving the sword left to right in a slicing motion. The name of this form of ritual suicide is Seppuku (切腹, “stomach-cutting”). Among the important people who committed seppuku there are Azai Nagamasa, forty-six of the Forty-seven Ronin (1703), Takijirō Ōnishi , and, of course, Luther Blissett.
As the Seppuku restores samurai’s honor as a warrior, in the same way, Seppukoo.com deals with the liberation of the digital body from any identity constriction in order to help people discover what happens after their virtual life and to rediscover the importance of being anyone, instead of pretending to be someone.
Hacking and parasiting one of the most popular social networking website, Seppukoo.com deactivates one’s user facebook account, driving people into one of the most radical chic user-experience: the vir(tu)al suicide.

Suicide networking. Infecting the social.
As viral marketing strategies have been exploited by corporate media to make profit connecting people all over the world, Seppukoo playfully attempts to subvert this mechanism disconnecting people from each other and transforming the individual suicide experience into an exciting”social” experience.
With Seppukoo in fact it’s not important how many friends you have, but how much you may influence them. Induce your friends to commit suicide and rise up the Seppukoo Rank!

Resurrections. There’s no death where there’s no life.
Suicide is a free choice and a kind of self-assertiveness. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give to its users this faculty at all, and your account will be only deactivated. This means that any information regarding you and your friends, will be strictly preserved by facebook authorities in order to keep your virtual life alive for the eternity.
That’s why you won’t need any superpower to come back to your virtual life after death: just a simple login, and your life will be completely restore back.
Still hesitating? Let yourself be conquered by Seppukoo as you have an honour to save yet!
Don’t waste this opportunity.