In a text about the show Razvan Anton (Romanian artist) writes:

“Already made” is a journey through a personal history of art. Recollecting important names from the history of painting Oana Farcas is making her own statement towards an intimate narrative of artistic references. This journey is not a survey of academic distance, but rather a personal and subjective reaction to a world of endless critical paradigms. If Duchamp proposed the paradigm of art as anti-art, Oana Farcas is returning to a previous, already proved paradigm, of the art as art, inside the borders of figurative painting.

Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud are her own interlocutors in deciphering the place of painting in our modern lives. Her project is more of an investigation of the role of the artist in today’s world, questioning concepts like form and subject in an environment dominated by market and media. The discovery of the new is related to a reinterpretation of painting rather than to its refusal. Painting is for her a diary of daily questions and ideas, a testing ground and a metaphorical mirror of the world.

Oana’s statement is a manifesto towards a return to the vitality of painting and the joy of the artist in discovering essential images. The artistic dialogue created with these iconic figures of modern art is a reassurance of the artist’s autonomy towards an ethical approach. This return to the medium of painting is a statement about the possibilities of the image and our relationship with the realm of images.

From “Oana Farcas: Between the Visible and the Invisible by Jane Neal”

At the heart of Farcas’ practice is portraiture. Portraits of women, men and children, real and fictionalised, parade across her boards and canvases. Ranging in size from the diminutive world of the miniature, to large scale crowd scenes, Farcas’s work delivers a colourful ensemble of characters. Sometimes Farcas tends towards the fantastical, combining animals or anthropomorphic beings with her fully human figures; drawing from mythology and fairy tales, often sourced from her native Romanian heritage. Always though, it is possible to find Farcas herself in the work:

This world of Farcas’s could be described as being between the visible and invisible. What she feels and ’sees’ in her mind’s eye is combined by seen and felt experiences in reality and who is to say that one is less real than the other when both can be translated into memories, and after both are re-born and co-existent within the grounds of her paintings?

Farcas’s paintings certainly have a dream-like quality about them. But in amidst the soft, misty environs she creates, there is a tangible physicality. The figures are robust, passionate creatures awash with emotions and often depicted mid action. The notion of observing a figure who is seemingly unaware, lends a voyeuristic quality to the work.

Merleau-Ponty argued that the artist’s ability to see the world is impossible to separate from his ability to move through it. From this point it is possible to go on to therefore claim that painting is as much a felt experience as a visual one. The artist needs to feel herself in her paintings, and to make it possible for others to also find themselves in the work. Farcas knows this, which is what makes her paintings so arresting and seductive.

Oana Farcas born in 1981 in Romania, lives and works in Cluj-Napoca and New York



Ph.D., University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


MA, University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


BA, University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Painting Department

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“Berlin Show #3″ Plan B Gallery, Berlin, Gemany

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“Retinal/Seduction”, Brukhental Museum, Sibiu /Museum of Contemporary Art, Miercurea-Ciuc/Casa Matei,Cluj-Napoca/ Anaid Art Gallery Bucharest

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Love / Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes, Nantes

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Brilliant / University of Arts and Design Cluj,Painting Department

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University of Art and Design Cluj / Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana (SLO)

Black Underground / Casa Matei, Cluj-Napoca

Untitled / National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca


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“Atelier Deschis”, 2006

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“Paintings “1999-2004”, catalogue published by University of Arts and Design Cluj,Painting Department, 2004

Represented by: LARMgallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Public Collections

Museum 21C Louisville Kentucky, USA

Taubmann Museum of Art, Virginia, USA

Fondation Frances, Senlis, Paris, France

Susan and Michael Hort Collection, New York

Art Foundation Mallorca (AFM), Spain

Private collections

Ole Faarup Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark

Aegidius Collection, Luxembourg and Denmark

Rodica Seward, Paris, France

Detlefs Collection, Denmark

Leif Djuurhus Collection, Denmark

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