“Already made” is a journey through a personal history of art. Recollecting important ‘names of painting history, Oana Farcas is making her own statement towards an intimate narrative of artistic references. This journey is not a survey of academic distance, but rather
a personal and subjective reaction to a world of endless critical paradigms. If Duchamp proposed the paradigm of art as anti-art, Oana Farcas is returning to a previous, already proved paradigm, of the art as art, inside the borders of figurative painting.
Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud are her own interlocutors in deciphering the place of painting in our modern lives. Her project is more of an interrogation towards the role of the artist in today’s world, questioning concepts like form and subject in an environment dominated by market and media. The discovery of the new is related to a reinterpretation of painting rather than to its refusal. Painting is for her a diary of daily questions and ideas, a testing ground and a metaphorical mirror of the world. Oana’s statement is a manifesto towards a return to the vitality of painting and the joy of the artist in discovering essential images. The artistic dialogue created with these iconic figures of modern art is a reassurance of the artist’s autonomy towards an ethical approach. This return to the medium of painting is a statement towards the possibility of the image and
our relationship with the realm of images.

Opening Friday October 7 at 5pm – 8 pm

Show from October 2 – November 12, 2011

Oana Farcas “Leurre” soloshow at Museum Fondation Frances
Oana Farcas “The Cutting Edge” groupshow at The Museum of Art in Cluj
Oana Farcas “The Cutting Edge” groupshow at Hydra School Projects in Greece  Oana Farcas 2×2 Aids and Art’ together with Amfar, Sothesby, Dallas Museum of Art, charity supporting research in AIDS to see more: http://2x2online.org
Oana Farcas, “Con Amore” groupshow at Aros, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark www.aros.dk
Andreas Golder “Retrospektive 2011.7 – 2011.8”, Soloshow Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne Schwitzerland http://www.galerieursmeile.com
Andreas Golder “Con Amore”groupshow at Aros, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark www.aros.dk
Christian Achenbach “Dinner Für Spinner” Groupshow Laden Für Nichts, Leipzig, Germany

Foto credit: Oana Farcas, “Study of Francis Bacon in his studio”, oil on canvas, 160 x 198 cm, 2011

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