New Dates:
Friday, July 29–Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Choice, Opening Preview:
Thursday, July 28, 2011
*invitees and press only

VenueⅠ: Tokyo International Forum, B2F, Exhibition Hall 1
VenueⅡ: PROJECTS: Tokyo International Forum, Lobby Gallery 1, 2

Earlier this year, the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake led to the postponement of ART FAIR TOKYO, which had been established as an art event held annually during the cherry blossom season. With thanks to all those who offered support, we are very pleased to be able to hold the sixth edition of the fair at the end of July.

In spite of the postponement, ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 will take place at the Tokyo International Forum and feature 133 galleries which is the almost same number as that of the originally scheduled time, covering a wide range of artworks from antiques, arts and crafts, nihionga, and modern art to contemporary art. In addition, we are currently planning a program of related-events including talk series and charity programs. Those events will be themed on the notion that art can contribute to the recovery efforts for a society in the midst of this crisis by functioning as an interactive platform to exchange various ideas.

Despite the current situation, ART FAIR TOKYO will continue to seek to demonstrate the attractions of Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, where traditional and modern culture co-exist with our theme of “open art,” and also work towards the development of the Japanese art market.

We look forward to welcoming you at ART FAIR TOKYO 2011.

List of Exhibitors
Exhibition Hall
Shintaro Akatsu Gallery & Berengo Studio 1989, ANDO GALLERY, AOKI GALLERY, GALLERY APA, ART STATEMENTS, Gallery AYA, Bancho Gallery, BASE GALLERY, Gallery Beniya, chiyoharu gallery, GALLERY EGINU, Fujikawa Galleries Inc., GALLERY GINZA ARTONE, Ginza Kuroda Touen, Ginza Yanagi Gallery, Gallery Gyokuei, HIRANO KOTOKEN, hiromiyoshii, GALLERY HIROOKA BIJUTSU, Gallery Hirota Fine Art, Gallery Ichibanboshi, imura art gallery, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, T. EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art, Taka Ishii Gallery, ITSUKI ART GALLERY, IZUMIGYOKUSODO, Gallery Jin Esprit+, Kashima-Arts Co., Ltd., Kinsendo, KISHIMOTO GALLERY, KOBAYASHI GALLERY, Gallery KOCHUKYO, GALLERY KOGURE, TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY, GALLERY KUGO, gallery KUNIMATSU, Marunouchi Gallery, GALLERY MINAZUKI, MITA ARTS GALLERY, MITOCHU KOEKI COMPANY, Gallery Art Morimoto, Gallery MURAKOSHI, NAGOYA GALLERY, NAKACHO KONISHI ARTS, Nanaya, Nature Morte, nca | nichido contemporary art, neutron tokyo, galerie nichido, eiji nishikawa chinese ceramics and works of art, Nishimura Gallery, NODA CONTEMPORARY, ONE AND J. GALLERY, Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Picture Photo Space: Viewing Room, Galleri Riis, SAGAMIYA, Galerie Saint Guillaume, Gallery Saitama, Sankeido, SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, GALLERY SEIZAN, SEN ART GALLERY, SHIBUNKAKU Co., Ltd., Shibuya Kurodatoen Gallery, SHIHOUDOU GALLERY, SHIKISAISHA, MISA SHIN GALLERY, gallery SHINGENDO, SHINOBAZU GALLERY, Shinseido HATANAKA, GALERIE SHO CONTEMPORARY ART, Shouun Oriental Art, ShugoArts, GALLERY SHUKADO, SHUNPUDO GALLERY, Shunsei Gallery, SILVER SHELL, Gallery St. Ives, SUICHIKU-DO, Gallery SUIHA, Sumisho Art Gallery, SUZUKI ART GALLERY, Taigado, TAIMEI GALLERY, Taiyo Gallery, galerie taménaga, Gallery Tazu Art, TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, The Third Gallery Aya, Gallery Togeisha, TOHO ART, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Gallery Tomura, Tsubaki Modern Gallery, GALLERY UMEDA, URAGAMI SOKYU-DO, Watanabe Sanpoudou, Y++ Wada Fine Arts, YAMAMOTO GENDAI, YAMASHITA GALLERY, Yanagase Gallery, Yayoi Gallery, YOKOI FINE ART, Yorozu Gallery, Zokyudo Gallery

ARATANIURANO, Bambinart Gallery, Chi-Wen Gallery, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, island ATRIUM, island MEDIUM, Galerie Yukiko Kawase, MA2Gallery, AISHO MIURA ARTS, Mujin-to Production, gallery N, NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, nap gallery, MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY, Ohshima Fine Art, OUT of PLACE, Project Fulfill Art Space, Red Elation Gallery, Gallery Simon, TSCA, STANDING PINE – cube, Gallery Suchi, GALLERY TERRA TOKYO, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, YOD Gallery, YUKA CONTEMPORARY

ART FAIR TOKYO is the largest fair of its kind in Japan, featuring high-quality domestic and international galleries covering a wide range of genres and periods of artworks from antiques, arts and crafts, nihonga, and modern art to contemporary art. ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 will take place from July 29–31, 2011 welcoming the participation of Deutsche Bank Group as the Main Sponsor for the first time. ART FAIR TOKYO offers the opportunity to enjoy and purchase art across genres and periods, and celebrates the wonders of Tokyo’s art scene.

Fair Hours:
Public Viewing:
Friday, July 29: 11:00am–9:00pm
Saturday, July 30: 11:00am–8:00pm
Sunday, July 31: 10:30am–5:00pm
*The hour of the last admission is 30 mins before the closing.
*Opening hours is subject to change due to the electricity demand.