Friday, 20th of May, 22:00 @ Atelierul de Productie, free entrance

Playground party is back after 5 other previous magnificent nights and is pulling a color scheme for a new party concept.
This night will be running in conjunction with games societies and positive vibes coming  fromZicu & Ufe in order to create one hell of a night for you!

Who doesn’t like to fight it out over a game of fussball? You could spend your night playing your favorite game with great music and a great crowd. If fussball  isn’t your thing, then how about an old-school pinball  or a ping pong match?

There are many different toys that you can play with and each of them brings out your competitive side.

It is your party – spread the word and get ready for the challenge!  Let’s create some moments of random brilliance!
We provide the garden and plant the seeds, you’ll only have to allow it to blossom.

Playground Party#6 is brought to you with the help of, a creative platform soon to be launched.