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Dear Friends,

With great pleasure I deliver the first of the Pedro Meyer’s
Foundation newsletters, which will keep you updated on the Foundation
latest activities.

One of the Foundation’s most important initiatives is devoted to
teaching. We have designed our educational program taking into account
the need to be up to date with regards to technological progress and
with the ongoing transformation it demands on our professional career.
We’ve decided to embrace such a challenge under a very simple
premise: education must change hand in hand with technology. For that
reason our educational program is shaped in an organic model,
sensitive to the social and productive transformation these constant
changes raise into our artistic and creative endeavor.

You´re kindly invited to visit our web page regularly. There you
will find detailed information about all of our initiatives and

Meanwhile, I recommend you these two workshops that will take place
during summer.

Kind regards,

Grace Quintanilla




Who Would Like a Book?

Workshop on Uploading Electronic Publications

Given by Francisco Mata

In this workshop, participants will work on personal projects
designed to be published in an e-book. Participants will be able to
submit material ranging from their own photographic work to a family

All ideas will be developed on the basis of collective discussions,
personalized consultations and practice of the concepts dealt with in
the classroom. We will examine some examples of editorial projects
undertaken throughout the history of photography.

We will review some of the theories of montage, by looking at
examples from the cinema and books, We will discuss the concept of
uploading as more of a creative than a technical process. Participants
will learn about the need to handle the principles of graphic design
to arrange and highlight the elements comprising the publication.

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Photography and Literature

Given by Pedro Meyer y Martín Solares

In this course, Martín Solares will discuss the processes of
literary creation of certain novelists, the problems they had to solve
and the ways they found of producing their novels.

Pedro Meyer will provide a photographic perspective: he will narrate
its process and the stories within his images. Through dialogue, he
will seek the similarities and possible divergences in the creative
process of each discipline.

Participants will be expected to produce a short photographic essay
on the basis of what they have learnt in the workshop.

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