Opening: VÁRFOK PROJECT ROOM  012 Budapest, Várfok u. 14. Budapest

WEDNESDAY, 18th of October 2017

6.30 p. m. – 8.30 p. m.

The exhibition will be opened by Benedek Totth, writer. 

The exhibition is open: 19.10-02. 12. 2017 from Tuesday to Saturday  between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The next exhibition of Várfok Project Room shows a particular selection from two paperwork series of Botond Részegh (1977, Miercurea Ciuc/RO), transylvanian graphic artist and painter, who debuts this time in Várfok Gallery. 

Botond Részegh got his degree of graphic arts in Bucharest at the National University of Arts and finished his studies in 2008 at the DLA school of Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. As the gallery director of the six years ago renewed contemporary art gallery, Új Kriterion Gallery, he is not only interested in the active, producing side of art, but the theoretic poles as well. His oeuvre is connected to history and literature at many points, as several works of him have been published in cooperation with writers and poets, such as Sándor Kányádi, György Dragomán, Zoltán Böszörményi or Béla Markó. In these editions Részegh’s artworks bear not an illustrational function, but the texts and pictures are rather deepening, strengthening the meaning of each other in an equal way of conversation. Graphics stands in the focus of his oeuvre, however a few years ago an expressive way of acrylic painting appeared in his art. He experiments with unusual techniques as well, such as the coffee-stains that he uses as paint on his works. The metaphysical aspect of the Madách-like, curious, always doubting, but often suffering man stands in the centre of his artworks. Returning elements, pure form-shaping and the reticent usage of motifs characterizing his works. He analyses the drama and the tension of life in a specifically sensitive way, always looking for the existential questions and dilemmas of humanity. The international art scene is a wellknown area for Részegh, beside the Romanian and Hungarian exhibitions, his works were displayed repeatedly at the shows of significant galleries in the USA, Austria, Germany or Finnland. 

The displayed material in Várfok Project Room shows two graphical series, introducing the visitors to the extraordinary visual world of Részegh, that compels us to contemplation and to listen to the deepest vibrations of our soul. On the Coffeehead series Részegh creates the abstract, brutal forms of human heads with the different layers of coffee-stains. The insecure silhouettes on the white rice-paper background are like different individuals or studies of psychological states of mind. The other series of ink on paper completed in 2009, entitled Play with the Sins of the Unpunishable Fantasy demonstrates a fully distinct, linear, etching-like way of visual thinking. The erotic-inspired artworks can be understood as the psychological expressions of the secret, suppressed desires and passions.