„The season of unhappiness: forgetting without forgetfulness, forgetfulness without the capacity of forgetting” Maurice Blanchot, Michel Foucault „Tel que je l’imagine” (Fata morgana, 1986)

“I consider Diana Tudose’s paintings are about the lack of the ability to forget; it is a kind of fear which takes shape when confronted with the idea that beauty, peace, the spirit and humanity are threatened by the war without a war, by the war among ourselves.

– the foundation of the world, man, is threatened by the mass, directed corrosion of the human soul which will leads to the lack of spirit, its dissolution in mercantilism, derisory, insignificance, superficiality, blackness.

– in the paintings by Diana Tudose, one feels submerged under a glass bell, but not with less fear of what is beyond this window of our imagination, forgetting without the capacity of forgetting – there is hope that Man can be restored, whole, and the artist proposes under the guise of a confrontation with the wolves, a revealing light, created by herself, and with blossoming cheeks.” – Vladimir Bulat, art critic

“In a corner of the room with only one chair a man trapped in the body of a wolf dreaming of a field of wheat under a mantle of snow and of a young walnut orchard. Spring is waiting for him there, and only there he can find freedom.

The artist, Diana Tudose, captivates profoundly with the naturalness of the states of mind and feelings revealed in this cycle of paintings titled, not coincidentally, The Walnut Tree.”  – Victoria Nagy Vajda, curator

Diana Tudose is the Great Prize winner of the 2011 Chisinau International Bienniale of Painting, and in 2014 she was granted the “Teodor Moraru” scholarship during the ” Teodor Moraru” Symposium in Romania. At the moment, Diana is a candidate for a doctor’s degree at the National University of Arts Bucharest.

1The walnut tree 2016 100x100cm oil on canvas 2000€ 20170111_135757 Invitation The Walnut Tree 8 Untitled 2016 100x90cm oil on canvas 1800€