Quiz Paolo Profeti European Collective – Elletrico

November 2016

  1. Paolo Profeti, why European Collective? You team up with different musicians within different musical projects?

The idea came up from the fact that the musicians composing this collective come from two different countries, Italy, my country of origin, and Romania, the country where I came to live. By “European” I mean precisely this imaginary bridge that unites these two countries. Obviously, each of the musicians is also part of various other projects, either as leader or as sideman.

  1. You keep coming back to Romania. How do you find the Romanian public?

The Romanian public is an audience, highly interested in music, whether classical, jazz or electronic, a very young and informed audience. Concert venues are generally fully booked.

  1. What are your next projects?

It is now difficult to think of another new project, now that Elettrico is such a novel production – the first public performance will be on December 3rd. I am considering recording a disc with this material too, following the release in 2015 of my first record as a leader, Waiting for Bucharest (Fiver House Records). So, in fact, I can say that Elettrico is indeed my new project!


Cu un nou concept avangardist, ‘’Elettrico’’, Paolo Profeti European Collective dezvoltă un sound în care elementele electronice se îmbină perfect cu universul jazzistic tradițional.

Artist In Residence, stagiunea de jazz de la ARCUB, curatoriată de Lucian Ban la București, explorează avangarda jazzistică a secolului 21 alături de ’’Paolo Profeti European Collective’’ și noul concept‚ ’’Elettrico’’, prezentat în premieră la ARCUB –  sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2016, ora 19:30

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