Curator: Adriana Trancă
Opening April 14th, 2016 | 7 p.m

Virginia Lupu has dedicated three years of sustained photographic attention to the lives, dramas, promiscuities, narratives, intimate details, parties, anguishes, sexualities, and moral geographies of a not-very-socially-active ‘group of people’. She has not only exposed how bodies in transition shape but also how they emotionally interact with the others and with each other. 
Organising this exhibition has been tricky and provocative given the fact that its subject matter can hardly be defined within unequivocal disciplinary and discursive frameworks and, moreover, because at the same time it manifests a rich capacity to originate new critical dialogues. It is as metamorphic as the socio-aesthetic it represents: the transgender community in Bucharest.

Virginia Lupu is a photographer living and working in Bucharest. She is currently studying at the National University of Arts, Bucharest. Selected shows: Hansel loves Gretel, solo show at The Centre of Visual Arts Bucharest (2015), Lumea – imagine, group show at The Centre of Visual Arts Bucharest (2014). Virginia’s artistic practice is as raw and straightforward as the medium she uses, analog photography. With terrific energy and inexhaustible curiosity she plunges into all sorts of subjects, the more controversial/morally challenging the better. 

Adriana Trancă lives and works in Bucharest. She studied Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest. She has also finished the Art History and Theory undergraduate program at the National University of Arts in Bucharest and is currently doing an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London. Adriana has developed and implemented the curatorial program at the Bulevardul Expozitiei 1F Project Space (2014-2015).

Suprainfinit Gallery plans to develop a programme focused on both Romanian and foreign emerging artists. It will also include exhibitions of some important names in the Romanian art of the last 50 years.

April 14th – May 20, 2016

Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest
Drop by from Tu-Sa: 12-18
82 Popa Nan St., 2nd Floor

Sinatex Factory

Bucharest 021211, Romania

°image Virginia Lupu | Fridge of the future

Virginia Lupu Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest