25 Verde is a remarkable 5-story residential building in Turin, Italy that has 150 trees sprouting from various terraces, balconies, and roof gardens. With an additional 50 trees in a central courtyard, the property’s 200 trees produce upwards of 150,000 liters of oxygen per hour during daylight hours, and absorb almost 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide during nighttime hours. The 63-unit building’s design continues the arboreal theme, with wooden shingles and steel supports that look like tree trunks. In addition to cleaning the air around the building, the trees dampen noise pollution, provide shade, and help regulate the building’s temperature. 25 Verde was designed by architect Luciano Pia. It was completed in 2012.

25V008_full 25V017_full 25V005_full 25V146_full 25V024_fullphotos by Beppe Giardino

via Divisare, Colossal