tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o2_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o3_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o1_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o4_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o5_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o6_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o8_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o7_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o9_1280 tumblr_njfdp4P3cM1rlaql2o10_1280Peter Kogler is an Austrian artist who first gained attention on the international art scene in the 1980s.

His work adopts an approach based on architecture, cinema and the new digital media, as well as the major art trends of Minimalism and Pop Art. Using the computer to create his motifs, Kogler reinvents the idea of the fresco and decorative wallpaper in a more global architectural perspective. It is in fact a profound blend of inspirations drawn from the corporal and figurative domains that gives rise to the artist’s motifs, which are often quite clear in meaning and immediately recognisable, things like ants, pipes or the brain.