Entang Wiharso held several solo exhibitions in 2001 in Indonesia at Gallery Nasional and nadi Gallery in Jakarta, and in the USA at the Gallery Agniel in Rhode Island and Circle Point Art Space in Washington, DC. He now lives and works in Yogyakarta, but also maintains a studio in Rhode Island.

The artist received awards for the best painting from ISI in 1988, 1989 and 1990; The Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya prize in 1994; the Joror’s Award at Yogyakarta Biennial Exhibition in 1994; and one of the best ten in the Philip Morris Indonesia Art Awards 1996. His works are documented in the books Konflik, Mimpi dan Tragedi Entang Wiharso (1996), Nusa Amuk: Entang Wiharso (2001) and Hurting Lanscape; Entang Wiharso (2002).

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Individual problems in the midst of political, economic social and cultural upheaval attract Entang for the themes in his works. However, he does not want to criticize or comment on these issues. Instead, he becomes part of the disturbance by immersing him self in it and critically taking a view from the inside, which he then expresses in painting, drawing, objects, or installations. They reflect problems concerning conflicts, dreams and tragedies. In some of his works the figures are extremely distorted with wild expressions and abnormal moods. In general they are ironic, sarcastic, contradictory, cynical or even foolish. The painting are like theatre stages for displaying their peculiarities. Judging Officials Shows how Wiharso Convincingly Constructs abnormalities that often occur in daily life. The distorted figuresin strong colours are dramatic and torment one’s sensitivities.