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Expozitia pictorului Krisztian Sandor
Galeria Uj Kriterion
Miercurea Ciuc
(str. Petofi nr. 4)
I.15. 2015. 18h
„I cant make art,  since Im always searching. Searching and findig than finially leaving. My newest works critcizing my previous, which is endless.  I had a desire to be as sponteanous as possible,due to this  I often work and react against myself. It faschinate me destroying my paintings and easely eliminate hole series, repaint or cut apart than rebuild again.
I dont paint the sublime, my  themes   should give me an appetite for  painting. I like banal, tangible objects which on the surface seems strange and surreal.
Many years ago i got involved representing futball ultras. I never saw a painting of futball ultras . That’s important too, that i wanted to paint what i hadn’seen. I have a lot of stuff in those paintings, hooligans,  guards, fireworks, communist and nazi flags. Im not that interested in  a direct political interpretation, altrough im  interested politics but my temperament doesn’t want to be omniscient.
At 2011 I was tired of what i had ben doing or had done.I was somehow exhaustedt with it. I wanted to reborn. I leen towards to make collages. Almost 2 years i only dealt with collage, I have destroyed many of figurative paintings and fitted into the collages. It’s gave me energy,  anything that gives me energy is important. I regarded the crudenes of that collage as a possitive quality, menwhile it needed instincts and sensitivity. The most important thing only the passion. I want to belive in magic and miracles. I always want to be moved.”
Krisztian Sandor