L_1-12164c26-7b48 L_2-e5fc378c-0f4f L_3-83cf630e-c704 L_4-20a871ff-3bb0 L_5-086bbf73-a631 L_6-c417e856-e9d9 L_7-d0d6bac8-d011 L_8-c66146d9-ffc4 L_9-063458cf-9806 L_10-b90c8925-6aadExhibition “Au Pantheon !” by French photographer JR displayed on the ground of the Pantheon in Paris, a secular temple which contains the remains of distinguished French citizens, on June 3, 2014. The Centre des Monuments Nationaux has chosen to commission contemporary artist JR to create a participatory work inspired by his INSIDE OUT project.