In order to promote their new collection of wildlife images for National Geographic, art director Silvio Medeiros collaborated with Diomedia Stock Photos Brazil to develop a humorous advertising campaign. From pandas in elevators to gorillas in bathrooms, the ‘wildlife’ series captures different animals taking photos of themselves in a stereotypical ‘selfie’ fashion. ‘We took nearly 2 months to produce the campaign,‘ explained Medeiros.‘The whole idea its to show people that even during “selfies” and “instagram” fever, decent images can still be produced. Now that anybody has access to mobile phones with good cameras, we can all be photographers.’

national-geographic-instagram-designboom01 national-geographic-instagram-designboom02 national-geographic-instagram-designboom03 national-geographic-instagram-designboom04 national-geographic-instagram-designboom05to see more animals taking selfies, see Diomedia’s instagram account here.