Singapore-based photographer Peter Steinhauer documents the architecture within the urban landscape of Hong Kong from an uncommon perspective — when the monolithic structures are under construction. His series of ‘cocoon’ compositions capture the towering edifices entirely wrapped in a veil of vibrantly colored silk — a typical structural material unique to the metropolis, which contains debris within and prevents it falling onto the street beneath. Enveloped in the brightly-hued fabric, the skyscrapers cloaked in the web of textiles transforms the cityscape, seeming more like a massive artistic intervention rather than a construction device. Blue, yellow and green fibers act as a cape, draping over every structural feature like a blanket, framing the scene. The series’ namesake references the casing that wraps some insects during a stage of their metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly — an appropriate way to characterize the architectural sites as they undergo their own structural renovations.

peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-10 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-11 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-12 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-05 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-04 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-07 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-06 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-08 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-03 peter-steinhauer-cocoon-architecture-designboom-02