In his ongoing street art series, New Jersey-based artist Joe Iurato transforms puddles, trash, and other humdrum sights on the street into wonderful storybook tableaus by adding miniature cutout figures. Iurato creates the little figures by mounting spray painted illustrations to wooden cutouts. He installs the figures on the street with a dab of glue or piece of tape—most do not stay in place for long. Iurato talks about the series in this Brooklyn Street Art interview.

tumblr_n1vi4e7jCs1rsnzy2o4_1280-640x640 joeiurato4-640x395 1013579_10152355486104925_607005251_n-640x427 brooklyn-street-art-joe-iurato-jaime-rojo-welling-court-06-13-web-4ss joeiurato2-640x379photos via Joe Iurato

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