Carmen Nistor – “SIGN”

22. 02 – 12. 03, 2014
Gallery 76, Dubai International Art Centre, the oldest public gallery in Dubai, established in 1976.
Opening on 22nd February, ribbon cutting by His Excellency Ambassador of Romania in UAE, Mr. Adrian Macelaru and His Excellency Consul of Romania in UAE, Mr. Dan Parvulescu.
Works exhibited: 28 pieces, ink on paper, 1×0,7m and 2×1,5m

Resize of carmen nistor - sign 01 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 02 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 03 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 04 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 05 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 06 Resize of carmen nistor - sign 07

I started doodling, as probably most of us, at about 4. Recall asking my grandpa every day to

bring me new color markers, although black pencil drawing was more appealing to me at that

time. And it still is.

Actually my grandpa was the one believing I had some talent, so he tried to guide me somehow,

and, proud of the results, he kept collecting all my works for years to come. And he still does.

I grew up drawing, looking everywhere, learning to draw complicate things from the shadows

cast on a wall, from torn tree branches or from the patterns on the pavement. There were

different but familiar figures I discovered in all those common objects. And I still do.

But I chose a different path to follow for many years. I had a job not too related to art. I was daydreaming

about the moment I would be the artist, about my first exhibition, and it looked so far

away in time. Until one day, when I left my corporate job, jumped into the unknown and

reconnected with the artist hidden within for too long.

This is my story, what I have done forever. I kept my eyes open, I framed in my mind

conventional scenes in unconventional ways, all these years, searching for signs in every

mundane image. And I still do.

All I knew when I imagined this project was that I wanted to use ink, brushes and paper. Big

paper. That letters and signs would be involved, coordinated with human body. It was quite

complicated and I was thinking too much. The first attempts came out cluttered. Every single

thought was somehow there, in every piece of work.

I started to simplify, to see humans as letters, and letters as humans. But then…it was not about

letters. It was about signs. About thoughts. About breathing. About the mere moment when the

thought hits you, crosses you and leaves you serene within a beat and an exhale.

The brushstrokes became simpler. I harmonized a single idea with a continuous stroke and with

breathing. The thin paper helped me, making environment part of the game. I worked on vertical

surfaces or on the ground. Charged the brush heavily and made each sign in one movement,

without lifting the brush.

Tiny little human-signs appeared. Crowded papers with simple silhouettes, letters of an

unknown alphabet. Till one day. When I drew the first circle. And then another. And another. It

was a new search. There is sincerity in searching. There is perfection in searching more than in

what we find. Not a thought to be locked in the sign, but the essence of the feeling behind the

rational thought.

Circles are not perfect in my works. They are stages of searching those suspended fractions of

time. Each work has a feeling behind. Exhaled and pushed through my hand on the paper. And

still incomplete. Letting the viewer to take it forward, interpret it or just simply accept it.

Carmen Nistor

January 2014


Curriculum Vitae!


Bucharest, Romania

[email protected] / /

Visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. Activity covers graphics, photography, design,

calligraphy, bookbinding.



University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania

MA, 2012 – 2014 (expected)

University of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken, Germany

Erasmus scholarship, 2010 – 2011

University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania

BA, 2009–2012

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

MA, 1996–1997

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

BA, 1991–1996


XVII International Biennial of Graphic Arts

“Boris Georgiev” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria, 2013

Graphic artists from Bucharest University of Fine Arts

National Arts Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2013

Graphic artists from Bucharest University of Fine Arts

“Orizont” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2012

Art Takes Times Square

Artists Wanted, New York, USA, 2012

40 Years of Francophonie

Student Culture House, Bucharest, Romania, 2010

Walls and people

Orange Business Centre, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Women like

Dalles Popular University, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Images from Romania

AISB American School Library, Bucharest, Romania, 2005


Dalles Popular University, Bucharest, Romania, 2004