These beautiful 3D sculptures of paper take a whole new look at the idea of a “pop-up” book. Pennsylvania-based artist Jodi Harvey-Brown alters old books and gives them a second life by making beautiful sculptures out of their pages.

It all started when Jodi was unable to resist a box of used books at a second-hand shop. After folding the pages of one crushed book into a sculpture, she was hooked. “The books that we love to read should be made to come to life.  Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories.  What we see in our imaginations as we read should be there for the world to see,” the book artist explains.

Well-known fictional characters, sea creatures, monsters, ships and aircraft are brought to life by Jodi’s vivid imagination and her great passion for reading. To make her beautiful sculptures last longer, the artist sometimes uses UV coat to protect the pieces against sun and moisture as well as some wires for extra stability.

Jodi isn’t the only one who’s had the idea to create works of art from the pages of a book – Danish artist Victoria created a paper sculpture that leaps from the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. If you’d like to see even more ideas for creating art with paper, check out our paper art post.

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Stories Leap From The Page In Paper Sculptures By Jodi Harvey-Brown originally appeared on Bored Panda on January 31, 2014.