UK-based photographer Paula Salischiker has approached the very sensitive issue of of compulsive hoarding with an equally delicate manner in her photo series The Art of Keeping, which shows the effects of this mental illness while giving those who suffer from it the dignity that they deserve.

Since 2011 I have been working on a project about hoarding. I photograph the houses of people who have difficulty in throwing things away. Their objects help them feel safe, they take their time, they require their care and are there for them. However, they also make their lives difficult, sometimes forcing them out of their own homes, suffocating them with their never ending expansion.

Hoarded living room, Essex. The-Art-of-Keeping-Bathroom1-640x426 The-Art-of-Keeping-Curtained-Room1-640x424 Kitchen bookshelves, Essex. The-Art-of-Keeping-Hair1-640x425 Kitchen, London. Interior of a house packed with art, London. Bed covered with bags of newspapers and unopened presents, London Unopened letters by the window, London. Cleaning objects rescued from the basement, London.images by Paula Salischiker
via Slate