Artist Robert Steven Connett creates eye-popping paintings full of intricately detailed, fantastical, often nightmarish imagery. Connett’s work will be on display at the “Espionage Miami 2013″ exhibition at the Harold Golen Gallery, December 6, 2013 to January 31, 2014. For more of Connett’s work, see his Flickr page. He also has prints available here.

Lepidoptera_Silv_800pxw Seapods_900pxw Neuro_Chaos_900pxw Microbia-III_900pxw Microdons_900pxw Ressurection_700pxw Feast_ofTHNs_800pxw IdiotGods_HScan_800pxw BadDreams_800pxw TheNightTrawlers_1200pxw Hades_800pxw PharmaGarden__600pxw Metaverse2_800pxw creaturesLumiOcean_700pxw Antagony_1000pxw_vmm memento_600pxw Flora_vs_Fauna_700px

via Ian Brooks