Equadorian artist Javier Perez combined everyday objects with his simple illustrations to create a series of imaginative and unexpected composite drawings.

Maybe we like these sort of illustrations because they inspire us to think differently about the things we see and use everyday. Or maybe they remind us of our (far greater) imaginative abilities when we were children – when, like in Perez’s illustration, grapes could be balloons, staplers could be monsters, and notebook bindings could be teeth.

Another reason that his work is so appealing is because it is accessible. As clever as it is, it required no especially expensive materials or difficult skills to create. Anyone with a pen, a camera and some creativity can start creating similar works – all you need to do is to be able to think outside of the box and look at everyday objects from a new perspective.

Perez has been sharing his artwork with the world on his Instagram and Behance accounts. Artists mommies Amber Wheeler and Adele Enersen have done similar work with their kids, but Perez’s work uses a more diverse range of subjects.

Source: Javier Perez (via thisiscolossal.com)

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