Artistul Ioan Augustin Pop a expus in cadrul expozitiei internationale de arta contemporana Ca’Zanardi, Venetia, in august 2013.

“As he considers the painting a manifesto, an exemplary medium aimed to suggest us the stringent topics of cultural contexts and civilization, trough language adjustements and the narrations of the most abstract dimensions of materiality, Ioan Augustin Pop had always explored its potentials by reconsidering its essential data. The 90s were focused on exercises of simultaneous – and independent – extension between the substance and space.”
The monumentality, based on skillfully handled tridimensional and two-dimensional stage effects, the imperative volumes, in their decrepitude, and the sensualiy apocalyptic ones, provide these large works of art with a conclusive stateliness, an affectiverequiem dimension.
Alexandra Titu, 2012

Foto Ioan Augustin Pop

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