Tets Ohnari is an old school sculptor who works momentarily in Prague. Throughout his activity, one major ideea remains visible: no matter how we might wish to change the world, all we can alter is its morphology. We are in the situation of a hand immersed in water . We cannot stop the flow, we are just making temporary waves in an eternal stream. Form is an intrusion of ego, an arbitrary decision by which someone deems what remains and what is thrown away. Tets doesn’t let anything go to waste . Everything that he takes away, he recomposes, like in an endless hourglass, an eternal Samsara of continuous destruction and provisional regeneration. Birth is rupture, or a direct consequence of the presence of shadow. In a vertical insectarium, Tets is presenting a SF maquette of an era where man is a creation of his own shadow egocentrically moving on a stone. The debris detached by his chisel he recomposes in an attempt to stay away from the sculptor’s hybris, carving away at matter and throwing aside all that is “surplus. ( Dan Popescu) — at H’art Gallery.

Photo Pascal Gravot Haeberli