Belgium-based photographer Manon Wethly creates the kind of art that only lives in her photographs: she tosses different containers with various liquids up in the air and captures the beautiful shapes they create. Calling her project the Flying Stuff, Manon already spilt a good deal of coffee, wine, juice, milk and other liquids in order to freeze their matter-of-seconds beauty and elegance. Besides, she’s mostly been doing it with her iPhone!

Manon is is driven by the thrill of not knowing what the final result will turn out to be: ”It is absolutely fascinating to see what kind of shape an object or liquid gets when it is ‘flying’. Clicking at exact the right second most often brings the most spectacular and surprising results. Most of them are shot with iPhone but I started to practise with bigger guns too,” she says. You’d probably want to clear the area when Manon is doing one of her photoshoots!

Website:, via: junk-culture

High Speed Photographs of Liquids Tossed in Mid-Air by Manon Wethly originally appeared on Bored Panda on May 6, 2013.