New tendencies in figurative painting

29. 3. 2013 – 24. 5. 2013
large gallery
Curator: Jane Neal (UK)

The exhibition presents representative survey of contemporary figurative painting in the works of over twenty artists from nine countries. The theme of the exhibition is inspired by a short story of Isaac Asimov from 1941. Its foundation is the question of what happens to the planet and civilization when there is a solar eclipse and nightfall comes. The main topics that exhibiting artists are preparing include social crisis and uncertainty, loneliness, confusion and isolation of a human being, growing tension between nature and civilization, and the internal and external struggle with oneself and with society. The apocalypse theme is currently very topical; we can perceive the intuitive leanings to such thinking as a symptom of changes to the world and the setting of collective thought. This concept of the exhibition interprets contemporary figurative painting based on a socio-political context.

Participating artists: Karin Mamma Andersson, Hernan Bas, Marius Bercea, Zsolt Bodoni, Martin Eder, Tim Eitel, Adrian Ghenie, Cantemir Hausi, Chantal Joffe, Victor Man, Justin Mortimer, Daniel Pitín, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Neo Rauch, Daniel Richter, Serban Savu, David Schnell, Mircea Suciu, Attila Szűcs, Alexander Tinei, Caroline Walker, Matthias Weischer

Curator: Jane Neal

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen, where project Nightfall had its premiere.

Ceska filharmonie
Galerie Rudolfinum
Alsovo nabrezi 12, 110 01  Praha 1

Photo: Mircea Suciu, Human Stain, 2011, charcoal on paper, 175 x 150 cm, private collection, Berlin , © Mircea Suciu, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels. Photo: the artist