Corespondenta din Los Angeles, SUA, de la artistul Eugene Al Pann

from: Eugene Al Pann
to: lucian muntean <[email protected]>
cc: Buzamurga Maria- Valentina
date: Sun, May 20, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Atasat sunt doua articole despre niste evenimente si expozitii la care am fost in LA. Daca vrei sa le folosesti pe Modernism, te rog sa o faci. Daca mai vrei iti mai trimit … “corespondente din LA”.

Damian Hirst saves Bergamont Station
I have to admit that, besides my purpose to promote Romanian jewelry designers to some Los Angeles art dealers I also rushed to Ikon Gallery to see Damian Hirst work on display during my visit in US.

Ikon Gallery is located at Bergamont Station, ( a 4 acres abandoned railway station turned into several galleries) in Santa Monica. Besides the show of Hirst there is just poor art to be seen in the whole compound. At the moment, Ikon is the only gallery worth to be visited. It has a coherent curatorial program showing museum quality art of importance.

Only this year ( as an example) Ikon gathered a show of Warhol, Sam Francis, Larry Rivers, last year Botero. Dubuffet, Lichtenstein. Focussing on pop art, Ikon gives us a good idea about the work of Indiana, Ramos, Pettibon, to name a few from the show “A Slice of Summer” (2011).

Obviously, due to a poor economy,the rest of gallery curators lost the enthusiasm that was back in the days at Bergamont What is left? The old good arrogance of gallery employees trying to pose like business is still good. Among them, the people from Ikon, really make a difference.